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TOP 5 RESUME REVIEW RESOURCES at University of Maryland

TOP 5 RESUME REVIEW RESOURCES at University of Maryland

After studying so hard to gain the education, everyone deserves a head start when it’s time to build their careers. Every student’s ultimate goal in life is to excel and build their dream careers and this is the goal of the University of Maryland.

This is why the University has always supported campus resources that are tailored to improve the lives of their students. These resources are placed to ensure students are equipped with a top-notch resume which will give them that much-needed push to possess a good job in their desired fields.

Here, we will outline five resources on campus that are available to offer resume review services.


1. The UMUC Career Services.

The UMUC Career Services is invested in helping you create a benchmark resume and cover letter which helps present your capabilities, strengths, educational history and work experience to the potential employer. They have resume builders as well as other amenities put in place to ensure that you get only the very best and they educate you on how to write your resume and cover letter in ways the employer would find appealing.

Location: The UMUC career services is situated at the Academic Center on McCormick Drive, Largo.

2. Engineering Co-op and Career Services

Engineering Co-op and Career Services have an array of career development programs which is designed particularly for Clark School students. They offer classes on resume writing, interview composure, preparing for your career, how to embark on your job search, how to negotiate enumeration and any valuable advice on career. It is also the host building for the engineering job listing database, Career 4 Engineers.

3. Hire Smith (Robert H.Smith School of Business)

HireSmith is another campus resource which is in charge of hiring for the Robert H. Smith School of Business. If you’re Business inclined, this will be very useful to you and will serve as an amazing source of vast knowledge. Hire Smith is a dedicated resource for students as well as fresh graduates. They help coach you on how to get that job you’re aiming for and teach what you need to learn as well as connect you with employers seeking to hire.


4. USG Career and Internship Services Center

The Universities at Shadygrove Career and Internship Services Center helps students with career training and helps them with their professional development. They help them prepare for and possibly secure jobs by offering resources necessary to help them excel. They also offer CV reviews and cover letter writing, job opportunities, and how to prepare for interviews and they arrange employer visits using their web-based job opportunity site to advertise job opportunities and connect the students to new potential employers.

5. The School of Public Policy, UMD

The School of Public Policy UMD located at the Van Munching Hall, College Park Road also offers career training and resume review services to students. It offers resources that will help you jump start your career by ensuring that you include internship training, workshops and all other requirements that look great on a resume which employers love to see.

These five reliable resume services are easily accessible and can also go a long way in helping you achieve your goals and making your dreams come true. Good luck!

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