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We are 464 Enterprises, and we are all about learning.

Our focus is on kids, parents and everyone else with a dream and a creative mindset. We are concerned with those who ask “Why?” or “How does it work?” and for those who always want to see and know for themselves.

At 464 Enterprises, we are aware of the fact that there are different ways to learn and since we are all unique, learning processes should not be a one-size fits all scenario. It is therefore really frustrating when people who don’t know your strengths and capabilities try to put you in a box and make you conform to their own standards of learning and assimilation.

Take my life as a case study;

I am a mechanical engineer and working on a masters in robotics. I also consider myself a self-taught Master of Creative Engineering.  It all started as a kid growing up in the middle of Detroit. Homeschooled throughout high-school, I didn’t have access to high-end or fancy robotics. Instead, to satisfy my innate curiosity, I would take apart anything even remotely related to electronics (much to the dismay of my parents) and try to put them back together.

I did this for one reason… TO LEARN. I wanted to know how things worked and see if I could build them to be better. The result, I have 12+ years of unique experience building creative engineering projects such as a remote-controlled Billy bass fish, and a bio-inspired robot insect. I also have experience with team projects; creating a soccer-kicking robot as a member of FIRST Robotics, designing an egg-shooting system for a competition to safely transport it over five-stories to the ground, and a wind tunnel for my university.

I couldn’t have accomplished so much if I was bent on conforming to the normal way of learning that is taught in many schools today.

So, here at, we are bent on providing a platform filled with amazing resources that will help you learn the right way, your way. You will find blog posts and reading resources that will provide the tools needed to find yourself and to think deeper in your journey through STEM.

Stay Curious,

David Penny                                                                                            464 Enterprises, LLC